Refund Policy

We at RexDigi always do our best to completely satisfy our clients with our service offerings. However, we do provide refunds for some of our services. For others, we will revise or improve our work product as needed.

When you order from us, we promise to give you our best effort. But humans do make mistakes and we accept that some clients may want their money back. To rectify any potential problems and continue to provide the best service to our clients, we offer a refund policy. We detail our policy below, and outline the primary points you should understand:

Order Cancellation & Refund Policy

If you have ordered our service and paid for it already, but do not want to continue with it, you can cancel the order. To do so, you must submit an order cancellation within 12 hours of ordering the service. We will issues a refund for your order within the 96 hours through the same payment method you previously ordered and paid with.

Our cancellation and refund policy does not apply if you cancel the order after 12 hours.

The same policy applies to canceling an on-going project. We do not offer postponements on ordered services or service switching (exchanging your current order for another service) while we have already begun working on a project.

In sum, any order cancellation or service switch must be completed within 12 hours of your order.

Order Revision Policy

If we deliver a project to you and you deem that it is not as described, or the delivery does not meet the deadline you previously communicated, you can ask for a revision or refund. If a service or deliverable becomes obsolete for any technical reasons (such as a Google update), we will hold the project and offer you other equivalent services.

In either case, we will perform the necessary revisions to satisfy your project and deliver it within a reasonable amount of time, depending on the level of work required. We are also happy to postpone or keep the revised or other equivalent service project on hold until you wish for it to be completed.

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