Privacy Policy

This page will help you know all the legal information you should know about RexDigi.

Privacy Policy Of RexDigi

RexDigi (“RexDigi”, “Us”, “We”, “Our”) operates with the website and may operate other websites under the brand name. To get you the best service, we may collect information about yourself and/or your business that we’re working for. It’s our utmost responsibility to respect the privacy of every information you share with us.However, we may use your data/information to improve the functionalities of our services. This page will inform you how we collect, store, and use the shared information from you. It’s also the disclosure for you about the consent of your data/information. You’re to take services only under the privacy policies we’re disclosing here:

Gathering Non-Personally-Identifying Data (Non-PII)

We collect non-personally-identifying data from the website visitors in order to give you the user experience you need. These data may/will include the browser type, referring website, language preference and the browsing date/time of each visit request. These non-personal-identifying data may also include some potentially personally-identifying information like IP addresses from the logged-in users.

Usage Of The Non-Personal-Identifying Data (PII)

[PII in the policy statement will also refer to “Personal Data” (European equivalent of PII)]We preserve the authority to use, share, or publish any of the non-personal-identifying data as seed data for purposes like trend analytics and user statistics. We may also use these data to improve our user experience, while developing strategies for our services and non-commercial purposes.

Gathering Personally-Identifying Data

Certain visitors of our website who interact with the webmaster or the in-site bot may need to share their personally-identifying information/data with us. These data/information may include Email Address(s), Users full name, Phone number(s), and Address (City, State, province, Postal or Zip code). We ask for this information when a user wants to sign up for the RexDigi website. This may include getting any free or paid offers, discounts, coupon-based services, or any form of other conducts between you and RexDigi.

We also may ask for financial information, bank card information, or other payment methods if a user wants to pay through our website. We collect the user data insofar as necessary to keep our services up to the mark. However, the user may refuse to provide the personal-identifying-information we ask for; but that would prevent them from certain services and activities.

Protection For Personal-Identifying Data

Rexdigi  may disclose some potentially personal-identifying data and personal-identifying only to its employees, team members, contactors, affiliates, investors only to provide services on behalf of RexDigi. Some of our employees may not be from your home country and you have to consent to share these data and information with them as well. The recipients of these data are under the legal vow of not sharing them to anybody or any other place except RexDigi.

We don’t rent, sell, or share any of the personally-identifying or potentially personally-identifying data to anybody other than the legitimate ones mentioned above. However, this state will not be applicable for legal obligations like governmental request or enquiry, subpoena, or court order. We may use the provided email address to inform you about our new services, offers, or even to keep you up-to-date about us or the industry in general.

RexDigi will protect the potentially personally-identifying and personally-identifying information from unauthorized access, use, destruction, or alteration.

Financial Information Protection

As you take services from us and share your financial information with us, we hereby take utmost responsibility to keep them safe and secure. We consider the information as our business assets with confidentiality and don’t share the financial information with anybody. However, if we conduct a business transfer, face legal obligations, get acquired by a third party, the business assets also go with RexDigi. In that case, the new acquirer may use the assets as their policies and you consent on that by this policy disclosure.

Cookies And Browsing Information Protection

RexDigi do store cookies on your device and pull any time you return to our website to give you the best service. We use the cookies to identify and track the visitors and keep the user access preferences intact each time you visit the RexDigi’s website. Our services, website features and functionalities may not work properly if you don’t allow the cookies from the browser.

We don’t share your cookies and browsing information to any third party or use ourselves for illegal purposes. We may use them to improve the user experience on our website and get you more relevant features and functionalities on our site. Our website may also contain outbound links where the anchor may redirect you to a third-party website. Although we try to keep only the trusted links, as we don’t operate those websites, we don’t take their responsibilities.

Service-Related Data Protection

While availing any services from us, we may ask for certain information related to that specific service or product. All the data you provide related to our services or products will remain a business asset for RexDigi. We may use them to improve the quality of the services and develop business strategies.

However, your personally-identifying data will be safe with RexDigi even if it’s related to the service you’re getting. Services like Google Analytics, user experience analysis requires third party services that we’ll provide some potentially personally-identifying data as well.

Ads And Usage

RexDigi  is working with a very good reputation with a large number of happy clients. Therefore, we care about what customers and clients have to say to us or about us. All the feedback and reviews are considered as goodwill for RexDigi  and we may refer them for evaluations. If you say something online about us, we may refer others to that so that people know us better. However, while referring, we won’t mention any of your confidential information related to the service or identifying information.

Declaration For Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is applicable for each visitor to RexDigi website, our users and clients. We don’t provide any services, consultations, or sell our products for people under 18 (children). Therefore, this policy page will only affect the adults who have the right to give us the consent of using their data with us. The data sharing, security, and retention policy will follow the above-mentioned terms and conditions.